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Sandholes Presbyterian Church is situated in the heart of the country village of Sandholes and is 4km south of the county Tyrone market town Cookstown.

The original primitive church was replaced by the present church in 1798, during the ministry of the Reverend Thomas Dickson (1787-1816). 

In 1859 a revival took place in the area and as people wept in the pews with the realisation of their sin they accepted Jesus as their Saviour.  The church was thus extended in 1862.


There was further major renovation in 1931 with the installation of a new pulpit and pews.

A new hall was built in 1962 and the church re-roofed in 1978, during the ministry of the Reverend Edwin Barr (1952-88).


The church was united with Pomeroy on 1 January 1992.

In 2016 a new hall replaced the JB Early hall and has facilities to meet the needs of a modern 21st century church.

​Sandholes church has a well tended graveyard with burials dating back to the inception of the church.

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