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Sandholes has talent

1 Chronicles 13:8

And David and all Israel played before God with all their might, and with singing and with harps, and with psalteries and with timbrels, and with cymbals and with trumpets.

Sitting in Praise Band one Sunday evening I thought 'I bet there's some kid out there who can play better than me'. I have no delusions regarding my ability to play the violin, but I really enjoyed the Praise band. I'm getting a wee bit better at handling Alison's desire to play in flats rather that the 4 sharps the music might require. So to cut a longer story short I organised 2 mornings in August to let the younger generation come and try out a few tunes. It was a chance to leave the Playstation and get dressed before lunch with the promise of burgers! Food seems to be a major factor in a young person's priorities.

Nathan was a life saver as it was chaotic. The kids turned up with a very wide range of ability and strangely all wind instruments so needless to say there was plenty of noise and hot air.

After overcoming the horror of finding out a clarinet is an B flat instrument and the saxophone is E flat I managed to pull together the notes to allow the 3 of us to play Abide with Me. Nathan took the tin whistles to another room and got them through Jesus Loves Me.

Elsie appeared with help to cook the burgers and took the catering out of my hands as by this point I was losing it with the different keys. Some of the older girls turned up unexpectedly and occupied the 'I'm sort of tired of music for now kids' and got them to make decorations for holiday bible club and of course a bit of badminton ensued.

The second morning was a bit more productive musically. The shock of the different keys was mastered and with the help of Luke, home to see family, called in the see if he could lend a hand.

Again, Nathan managed the tin whistles and I did the sax and clarinet.

To summarise, it was great fun as the musicians came with an open mind, tried it out, had great fun and an appetite to go further.

So watch out Sandholes/Pomeroy, we're gonna praise God and it's gonna get noisy so you'll have to sing up!

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