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PW Church Christmas Dinner 1st Dec 2017

A few years ago we went to our first PW dinner. I was expecting to see the PW ladies sweating over hot stoves producing a traditional Christmas dinner. Well maybe that happened 100 years ago, but they've got smart and bring in the professionals and I don't blame them one bit.


However, can you believe it, out of 97 people sitting in the hall, not one photo of the food or the hungry diners!

Sandholes certainly knows how to eat and I reckon they had starved themselves all day to make room.

As usual it was scrumptious and the plates were piled high. Nearly too high in some cases. It was heard that one of the dinner plates required cribbed sides.

A certain gentleman I would classify as 'refined' had his dessert more than generously piled high. Indeed so high that the total height exceeded over 2 times the actual height of the bowl. So yet again, congratulations to the caterers for their usual generous quantities, high standard and choice.

Having settled back into the chair and loosened a button or two, the evening quickly changed to something along the lines of 'Sandholes Has Talent'. We found some over the summer and press-ganged some them into performing for us (actually they eagerly agreed, honestly).

The program included music, poems, a bible challenge and everyone singing carols. Instruments were varied. Clarinet and flute played individually and then together. Later on 2 tin whistlers played carols. We had a poem from Santa begging our pets for help because the reindeer were down with flu and another one about a mouse and its mummy, both recited from memory. Finally, we had a reciting of the books of the bible against the clock.

In order of appearance:

Ashley managed to sneak in at the end, well he is still reasonably young, and read a poem.

It was about the birth of Jesus and reminded us that it is one half of the story and goes with His sacrifice on the cross for us. Poignantly reminding us of the reason for the season.

So, the next time you see our younger talent give them plenty of praise and encouragement. If you know they are 'hiding their light under a bushel' please encourage them to give it a go and get involved.

The next generation PW ?

All pictures kindly granted permission.

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